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About G&P
Throughout history, it was often discouraged for women to travel, especially traveling to foreign lands. As modern thinking progressed, movements occurred, and a little thing called social media exploded, women were encouraged to question, be curious, and more importantly, explore. Exploring not only makes you more curious, it propels strength, maturity, and independence. This blog is to inspire women to get out there, explore the world, become immersed in different cultures while also gaining those invaluable skills and embracing their femininity. Calling all female travelers and wanderlusters alike, get out there and dive into this wonderful place we call Earth. Grab your passport as I travel overseas and find glitter in my adventures. 
About Natalia
Hi, I'm Natalia and these days I call Madrid home. Last year, I made the biggest move in my life and heading over to a land where the people are passionate, the paella is hot, and the riojas are plentiful- also known as Spain. Although I've always had a particular eye for traveling (as well as a curious palette), sparks rekindled as a young adult when I studied abroad in Seville, Spain. Two years later as a self-proclaimed foodie and travel enthusiast, I decided to hold off on the post-grad cubicle and make my way to Madrid. Here I visually capture my new (and sometimes scary) life as an expat and continue to grow that old spark into a new glistening flame.
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  1. Hi Natalia :)
    I'll be spending a semester in Madrid from September on and was looking for some info...that's how I found your site :)
    I also lived in DC (well Arlington to be exact) for a year and loved it!
    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to reading all your posts and to learning more about you :)
    Just wanted to stop for a second and say hi before starting!

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