Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Five Must Dos After Checking In at a Hotel

When I was in Brussels my friends and I stayed at this place that had great reviews, the service was friendly and accommodating, and it smelled very nice as weird as that sounds (it was the holiday season when we were there so it smelled like pine cones and cinnamon!). Yet, a couple days later, one of my friends got a rash on her arms and neck to which we immediately freaked out thinking the worst: bed bugs......GROSS! Needless to say, it was a lesson I'll never forget, especially when checking into a room- whether it's a hotel or a five star hotel, here are some top things you should always do before crashing at a place for the night.

1) EXAMINE YOUR BED: Just in case the hotel you booked wasn't listed on Bed Bugs Registry (yup, that's a thing- you're welcome), you should always examine the bed to its entirety. Pay closer attention to the crevices and corners of the bed, where these guys like to hang out most. Bed bugs are probably the worst pests you can have because they spread like wildfire- you basically have to either a) throw away everything or b) dry heat your clothes (which will more than likely shrink and/or damage them).

2) Look under the bed: Sometimes room keeping misses looking underneath and you might find unwanted surprises.

3) Do put your suitcase on the luggage rack: I learned this from my mom- never put your suitcase on your bed- YUCK! You know how many germs/diseases that thing has touched since you checked it in at the airport? Leave it away from your bed and tucked away in the corner.

4) Make sure nothing is damaged: If you come in to the room and see that something is clearly broken or damaged, contact hotel services so that they know it wasn't you who broke it and you're not stuck with someone else's irresponsible deed.

5) Lock the safe without anything in it first: Test out the safe BEFORE you put your valuables inside in case it's broken....the last thing you want is your passport being locked inside there the day you are about to travel!

Do you have any additional tips before staying the night somewhere? Leave your comments in the comment box below! 

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