Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Differences Between Studying and Working Abroad

You buy a plane ticket and you embark on this exciting adventure to an amazing European country for a semester where life is more laid back, the wine is cheap, and the nights are long. Walking through the narrow cobbled stoned streets, fall in love more and more everyday, explore the city's hidden corners, find the most local pubs and taverns, and make life-long friends. You have the most rewarding experience of your life and by the time you leave, your heart breaks slowly as the wheels of the plane take off from the tarmac. You sob and are close to hitting depression as you transition to being back home and the same routine until the light of the end of the tunnel appears- you suddenly come up with the idea of going back to that sweet life but instead of studying, you decide to finish your degree and work in the country you left your heart. As an individual who's been on both sides, here are somethings you should take into mind before making your big move.