Friday, March 3, 2017

Places for a Great Cocktail in Madrid

Within the past year, I've discovered the wonderful world of mixology, a fancy word for making great, creative cocktail. Although my love for creative cocktails started in Miami last winter, I've been on the hunt for good cocktails here in Madrid. Here are some places that made the list for some awesome drinks, cheers!

Lateral: this place is a gastro-bar which apart from making great, reasonably priced tapas, they also sell delicious cocktails, including their signature drink, mojito which is comes in different flavors. I personally love the passion berry and banana mojito and if you're feeling trying something different, I recommend getting their passion fruit cocktail which only comes out in the spring and summer time.

Photo Via TripAdvisor
Tatel: this is an upscale bar that make pricey, but delicious cocktails. They have their signature collection drinks which are under the "Tatel's Hall of Fame," which makes for very creative drinks. Be prepared to drop 13-16 euros per drink here!

Chuka Ramen Bar: this is also a restaurant which is most famous for their ramen (ya gotta go get some of that!), but long and behold, they also have great, creative cocktails. I personally loved the spicy margarita since I'm a tequila and spicy food fan. Our bartender was also kind enough to invite us to another drink which was also very delicious and consisting eggs whites which I love in drinks. Drink are around 8-10 euros a glass.
Photo Via El Comdista
Macera Bar: this bar is unique since it makes its own liquor using natural and fresh ingredients. I recommend getting either any of their extensive list of gin tonics or if you're feeling ambitious, the liquor-loaded drink called Red Zombie. Also, for being in the center of Madrid, I find it pretty reasonably priced, with their entire menu being 7 euros per drink, including their gin tonics.

Salvador Bachiller Gastro-bars: I fell in love with these guys back over a year ago when I saw that these bars were actually in a Salvador Bachiller store. They currently have three locations, one in Gran Via (Invernadero), another in Calle Montera (El Jardín Secreto- this is the original one), and one in Calle Goya (El Rincón Secreto). Also, they are one of the few places that does happy hour in Madrid- consume a minimum of 10 euros and have access to an entire buffet filled with delicious food. Cocktail prices have gone up within the past year, ranging from 8-15 euros a drink.

What are some good cocktail-gastro bars in Madrid worth checking out? 

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