Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Madrid Brunch for Every Type of Mood

The brunch scene in Madrid has been quickly escalating, and most places actually offer authentic plates which includes an alcoholic beverage to drink. Believe it or not, whether your in a healthy mood or want a day to treat yourself, here in Madrid, there is a brunch for all types of moods. Here are several of my must-go-to’s!

Photo via Restaurante Frida

Creative Mood
: Frida
Frida in the Chueca district was inspired by Central American cuisine, which influences its brunch scene. For those looking for a not-your-traditional brunch, Frida is a good place to experiment your palette. I had some awesome eggs benedict with jamon iberico and mature plantains…super delicious! The price ranges between 12-20 euros depending on what or how much you order.

Mexican Mood: Carmencita Bar
If your craving your typical, Mexican brunch you get back in the states, this is your go to place. Situated in Malasaña, not only is it super cheap, but you get awesome, classic brunch plates like huevos rancheros (with authentic Mexican hot sauce!). Also- mimosas are just ONE euro……just sayin' ;).

Photo via TripAdvisor

Set Menu Mood: Marieta
Marieta, located just off Paseo de la Castellana, is a good place for brunch if you’re looking for a set menu to devour. 20 euros will get you a first/second plate and a dessert, including orange juice and coffee or tea. If you’re looking to get stuffed and go to a nice place to hang out with friends, this is the place for you.

The French Toast Mood: The Toast Cafe
This place is an awesome little place in Chamberí with pretty good prices. Like Marieta, they have a set menu (15 euros), but their winning plate is their french toasts, which are made from scratch in the kitchen, fluffed to perfection, and topped off with fresh strawberries. Mimosa pitchers are at an incredibly low price (8 euros!) and ordering off the set menu you'll probably drop around 10-17 euros, mimosas included!

Healthy mood: Federal
This place in Malasaña has a lot of plates, including a banging Greek shashuka, green juice, and delicious avocado toast. This place also has a relatively unhealthy eggs benedict, which makes it a perfect place to go if you’re going with people who are watching what they eat those who aren’t! A complete brunch can cost around 11-20 euros, depending on what you get.

The English-styled Mood: MUR  Cafe
This cute little brunch spot in Malasaña offers a fixed menu set of all things involving a proper English breakfast- including eggs, roasted beans, sausages, grilled tomato, and toast. Oh, and this is just the principal plate. The menu comes with yogurt, orange juice, and tea or coffee, you’ll be sure to leave here stuffed. Set menus are priced at 22, 15, and 13 euros depending on the amount of food you're eating.

Photo via Bendita Locura

Low-key mood
: Bendita Locura
For those who don’t feel like waiting at popular places like Carmencita or Federal and just want a good brunch, I recommend Bendita Locura in the Salamanca district. Get their eggs benedict with salmon, they won’t disappoint! Prices range from 14-16 euros.

Chic mood: Fonty Bistro
In the heart of Salamanca, this place is good if you want a French type of brunch. This is a good place to go out on a date or with your girlfriends. There are set menus for their brunch priced at 20, 22, or 26 euros, which can be shared or eaten separately.

Do you have some go-to places for brunch in Madrid that aren't on this list?

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