Thursday, July 7, 2016

Life Update and Adventures Ahead!

Hi guys! So a fews posts ago, I promised I'd explain why I've been MIA, what's been going on with my life, and what ahead in the future this summer. As you can see from my instagram updates, I'm currently stateside for the rest of the summer and super excited for the adventures ahead. These past three months have honestly been crazy, super busy, and almost overwhelming. With work, attempting to go to the gym a few times a week, and studying for the GRE (while also trying to have some sort of social life), it's been impossible to blog. With that said, the busy days are over and I'm looking forward to studying and blogging a whole lot more! Here's what I'll be up to for the next few months:
Now-Mid July: Rochester, NY and Toronto, Ontario
These next couple of weeks I'll be in Rochester mainly hidden at a Starbucks and studying my little heart away. I'm hoping that a little weekend trip to Toronto will keep me entertained and away from cabin fever...fingers crossed!

Mid-End of July: Puerto Rico 
I'm SO excited to finally be going back to my beautiful island, Puerto Rico. I was born there but moved to the US when I was five so most of my family lives there. As you can imagine, it holds a very special place in my heart and the fact that I haven't been back in four years will make this trip extra memorable. Looking forward to being reunited with family, eating the island's delicacies (I'm looking at you, alcapurria and mofongo), and relaxing in their pristine beaches while drinking endless amounts of pina coladas with DonQ (none of that Bacardi).

August: Washington, DC
Come August, I'll finally be back home! I'll have a solid month and two weeks here where I'll be relaxing, studying, celebrating my birthday weekend and above of all, keeping it low key until going back to Madrid.

Mid-August: Miami/Florida Keys, FL
In between the month and a half back home, I'll be escaping to Florida with Carlos to soak in the last rays of the summer. While we hope to make it to the Keys, we will be definitely exploring Miami and hanging out with the gators in the everglades!

End of September: Back to Madrid
Towards the very end of September I'll take the GRE, enjoy the last few days on American soil, and head back to Europe for another school year in Madrid. This goodbye however will be quite a long one since I won't be coming back for the holidays and instead spending it with family somewhere in cold-wintery Europe!

Also, stayed tuned this summer as I finally catch up on all my travels I've done since the New Year including La Rioja winery weekend, Budapest, Barcelona, and a special guide on spring in Seville.

Any recommendations on where to go and what to do on my adventures during these next two months?? Comment on the link below!

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