Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hotel Review: Mama Shelter Hotel in Marseilles

A while back in September, Carlos and I took a weekend trip to Marseilles in the South of France to catch the last rays of the summer sun. While looking for a place to stay at, I kept in mind the vibe and ambiance of the hotel which was more important this time than in other trips since I was looking for a place to relax and do a little less touring than usual.

I decided to book my rooms at Mama Shelter Hotel because of their cool and funky hotel space and vibe that made our stay that much more fun. Upon entering the hotel, you're greeted with a friendly staff and funky decors that (literally) go up the wall. Each room has a simple, yet clean decor and TV Mac computers. What's fun about the room is that it has cartoon masks you can put on and take pictures in their photobooth iMac application- so fun! Carlos and I may or may not have had way too much fun and taken countless amounts of selfies. Although the bathroom was small (a very typical attribute in Europe), it was clean with a modern head shower and equipment.

The hotel is quirky, fun, and young with high quality services, including an amazing breakfast which is included in your stay. The amount of nutella crepes consumed every morning there was almost shameful...keyword, almost. At night, you can hangout at the super cool bar with great cocktails where a band plays live music on the weekends.

The downside would be that it is a little too far away from the city center for some so I would necessarily call it centrally located. Other than that, this is a great, fun, and pleasant stay if you're ever in Marseilles!

Any recommendations on where to


  1. I've heard about Mama Shelter hotels (they're in the Accor Hotels group I think) and always thought they looked pretty cool. Now I'm sold! Definitely sounds like they're geared for young travellers who don't want to slum it :) glad you had a good trip!

  2. This hotel looks so fun and quirky! I went to Marseilles last summer, but we stayed in an Airbnb! Still a great experience though! :D

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