Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Five Pointers for Christmas Time in Germany

If you've always wanted to know how the North Pole was like as a little kid, Munich Germany comes super close. Starting the last weekend of November (or right after Thanksgiving), the city transforms itself into a Christmas wonderland. From the Marienplatz and its christmas markets, to the feeling you get after sipping (several) mugs of mulled wine, this city is practically oozing with Christmas joy. Here are some crucial when visiting Munich during the Christmas season!

1) Drink the Warm Boozy Beverages. Mulled wine isn't the only option to stay cozy (and boozy) during your trip to Munich. Temperatures at night time are almost unbearable without a hot drink in your hand. It's definitely handy to know your options- especially if you want to try something else other than mulled wine. Other options include, eggnog spiked with bourbon, Bailey's hot chocolate, and my personal favorite, hot coconut milk with rum....so GOOD.

2) Have a Cozy Dinner at Der Pschorr. Although a tourist hotspot, the restaurant does live up to its hype. Swarmed with both locals and tourists, you can find this place packed even at 4pm! Not only does it have delicious bavarian food, it's perfectly decorated for the Christmas season and it's waiters dressed in traditional clothing makes you feel like your in a scene from Frozen. 

3) See the Magical Neuschwanstein Castle. Go. Just do it. For those of you who have been to Disney World, all your fairytale-childhood dreams will come true. Just two hours away by train from the city center, it's a perfect day trip from the Munchen HBF station. Although I did not book my tour tickets in advanced, I would recommend reserving them at least three days ahead of time just to be safe. If you do forget, don't fret! Go early and get those tickets. NOTE: The Queen Mary's Bridge (the place where the picture above was illegally taken) is CLOSED until further notice. I know, it sucks but there are alternative paths you can hike up to and get awesome views so don't lose hope!

4) Stick Around Marienplatz at Night: Not only does it feel more magical, but you can listen and watch a chorus perched on top of the cathedral sing Christmas carols. If that's not putting you in the Christmas, you might just be the Grinch.

5) Eat the Market Food. Although the stands along Marienplatz and throughout the city might seem touristy, they are actually family and locally owned and provide super authentic food. So go ahead and eat that bratswurst, it's as authentic as they come!

What's your favorite European city to be in during Christmas time?


  1. We had friends that went to the Christmas market in Nuremburg, and it looked absolutely magical, and Munich looks just as magical! Neuschwanstein looks absolutely beautiful with all of the snow!

  2. I've just been to Munich for some Christmas spirit and we wanted to visit Neuschwanstein and Zugspitze too but it would have gotten so expensive... next time for sure though!! Neuschwanstein in snow seems so beautiful!!!

  3. thanks for sharing - these photos are great and have definitely gotten me in the christmas spirit! my dad is obsessed with germany and really would like to visit around christmastime, so i'll definitely need to pin your tips.

  4. Nice list! I have happy memories of watching ice-skaters near Marienplatz skating to "Sexy Back". Good times. Also dannng, you got lucky when you visited Neuschwanstein! When I was there it was completely foggy and you could barely even see the castle!

  5. What a great list! I want to go there sometime and I've heard a lot about the castle and it just looks so beautiful that I have to visit it! I'll keep this list in mind next Christmas time!