Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three Reasons on Why It's OK to Travel Repeat

A lot of travelers think visiting a city more than once is a waste of time since they’d rather go somewhere different and knock a city, country, continent off of their bucket list. But what if under certain circumstances you’re in a situation where you revisit a city? A few weeks back I traveled to Milan for the second time to visit my boyfriend’s brother who is studying abroad there. This time however, I was ready to explore Milan with different eyes and after unveiling its elegant backstreets, I learned a few things here and there about traveling to a city twice. Whether you’re visiting a city again by choice, going there to visit someone, or just have a long layover, here are some benefits of “travel repeating."

1) You’re not stressed about hitting up all the main tour spots. Yeah sure, the city park was great, but if you find yourself too busy people watching or having an amazing time eating a cheesy calzone, you won’t sweat missing out on it this time around.

This calzone hit up all the right spots during my leisurely walk
2) Explore the city deeper. A lot of time when traveling, we give ourselves way too little time to explore the back corners of the city and end up only “scratching the surface.” When I studied abroad two years ago we were exhausted from our 6 am flight and only had 48 hours to explore….definitely not enough time!

A flee market in Naviglio where locals sell all type of things, you name it!
3) Looking through the city with a different perspective. Whether it was 10 months since your last visit or 10 years, your experiences shape the way you think and travel making every trip not like the last one.

Didn't know my love for gelato could grow more until I tried cioccolatitalini...amazing!

Have you revisited a city before and appreciated something more the second time around?


  1. I've visited Copenhagen for the second and Malmø for the third time this year and I haven't gotten enough yet! In fact, I don't think you can become tired of a place you really enjoy!

  2. I've been to NYC a total of three times, and we're heading back there for a fourth time in a couple of weeks. I completely agree with you about not being stressed out about seeing all of the major tourist spots and able to see things through different eyes. Plus I like being able to try out new foods and restaurants while we're there!

  3. I completely agree! I'm all for travel repeating. I always bang on about how I love to pretend I'm a local when I travel; it's much easier to do this if you've been somewhere before! I'm also not a big sightseer, so I get tired of endlessly crossing things off a giant list. Which strikes me as not the point of travel anyway, but that's a whole other story!

  4. I have been to a few destinations and cities more than once, each time I have been I have explored new sights. One of the benefits of going a second or third time is that you know the lay of the land on your repeat visit. You know where things are, how to get around, how long it take and what it should cost.

  5. Agree with you! I went to Spain about a month ago and I would not mind returning to Madrid and San Sebastian. Like you mentioned, I have plans to hit the non touristy area and mingle more with the locals.

  6. I love getting to revisit a city I've enjoyed visiting again. It's fun to go back and check out the city without worrying about the big touristy hot spots.

  7. I love revisiting cities! There's always more to explore in any city that it's almost impossible to do it in one trip. Plus, I wont have to worry about visiting all the tourist attractions the second time round :)


  8. I agree, I love revisiting places! With truly great destinations, once really isn’t enough. There’s always more to explore and to uncover, and as you change as travelers, the best places change along with you. I've been to NYC thrice, for me it is the sort of city that you could visit endless times and still find new things to see and do. It completely takes the crown for most walkable city, nothing greater than getting lost and finding new treasures. I visited some museums, Time Square and Statue of Liberty. I also went to a lot of diners and clubs and I watched free concerts at Central Park after checking out the NYC Parks website. By the way, I found a website listing free events in New York which is great because I didn’t have much of a budget. I think FreeEventFinder.com might be useful to people also visiting New York who are looking for free things to do.