Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three Reasons on Why It's OK to Travel Repeat

A lot of travelers think visiting a city more than once is a waste of time since they’d rather go somewhere different and knock a city, country, continent off of their bucket list. But what if under certain circumstances you’re in a situation where you revisit a city? A few weeks back I traveled to Milan for the second time to visit my boyfriend’s brother who is studying abroad there. This time however, I was ready to explore Milan with different eyes and after unveiling its elegant backstreets, I learned a few things here and there about traveling to a city twice. Whether you’re visiting a city again by choice, going there to visit someone, or just have a long layover, here are some benefits of “travel repeating."

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Getting Over Traveler's Disappointment

I always try to be 100% honest in every post I write, and this one isn't an exception. Over a month ago, Carlos and I jet-setted off for an end of summer getaway to Marseille, France. I had seen pictures throughout the summer of people hanging out somewhere in the South of France by a beach with crystal blue water, strolling through a glamorous port, and sipping on rose all day. One day, while I was sitting in my cold, white-walled office desk, I saw an amazing offer to Marseille and immediately was sold. Weeks before the trip I visioned myself strolling through the picturesque narrow streets while eating numerous croissants, hanging out by a beach under an umbrella, and taking a plethora of pictures. However, stepping off the plane was a completely different story.