Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Toledo Sunset Guide

This past September, we were lucky enough to see Toledo for the first time during one of it's magical sunsets. However, before arriving to the medieval city, my family and I were a little overwhelmed with the amount of "restaurants with views" there were and did not want to fall into the classic tourist trap (you know those- the ones with incredible views, skyrocket prices, and not-so incredible food). After a little research, we ended up visiting the Mirador del Valle during sunset and dining at the Restaurant La Ermita. To say the least, it was certainly an incredible evening with an unforgettable gastronomical experience and breathtaking views. 

After we settled down in the hotel, we anxiously headed towards the mirador by car to catch the Toledo sunset seen so many times in magazines and online (Romeo Santos, anyone?). Also, iPhone users beware: if you are driving up to the mirador, or anywhere in Spain for that matter, I highly recommend using Google Maps instead of the Apple Maps. The Apple application usually gets confused and takes you all sorts of directions...kind of confusing when you're in another country. Upon our arrival, the sun settled over the horizon and the lightening was perfect for some low-aperture camera action. 

After several photo ops, we made our way to Restaurant La Ermita which was beautifully located next to the Mirador del Valle with spectacular views of Toledo. Although our dinner reservation was at 9:00pm, we were (not surprisingly) the first ones to enter into the restaurant. The restaurant carried a serene facade with candles around the entrance and a gorgeous modern interior. 

First course included Spanish bellota ham croquettes and a complementary mushroom puree which was divine.

Next up were the entrees that are worth staring for a minute or two....

Lastly, the desserts finished off our wonderful dinner on the right note!

If you're looking for a dinner with a view in Toledo without that tourist-trap aftertaste, save your time and head over to Restaurant La Ermita after enjoying the spectacular views at Mirador del Valle. Bon apetit! 

Ermita de Ntra Sra. del Valle 
Ctra. de Circunvalacion, s/n.
45004 Toledo

Have you had any amazing/horror stories when visiting restaurants with spectacular views? Is it worth trying them out? 


  1. Toledo looks so beautiful! I've had the same issues with Apple maps in the past, so I always try to use Google maps. Restaurant La Ermita looks like it has the most delicious food too!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Yeah Google Maps is the way to go- and definitely recommend this place if you get a chance!

  2. I absolutely love Toledo! It's such a beautiful little city! And the views from the mirador are spectacular! Love your pictures and that food looks to die for! Missing my Spain right about now!

    1. Spain misses you too! Seriously the best food....wishing I could go back in time to eat it all over again LOL. Thanks Lauren!

  3. Looks like you found a perfect non-tourist trap restaurant! The food looks amazing and you can't beat the view.

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