Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Soak in the Old Sevillano Streets

Last week I had the privilege of being taken back to the city that won over my heart: Sevilla. Returning and getting lost in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, siting in a quaint plazita drinking cafe, and finding a hidden rooftop gem made it easy to soak it all in. 

El Barrio Santa Cruz is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sevilla that truly captures the essence of the city's character. With its dwindling streets and rugged cobble stones, I recommend getting lost in every inch of the barrio's mysterious and charming corners-no map, no phone, just your two feet and your senses is all that's necessary.

Soak in the subtle details of the each plaza you come across, whether it's a crosses made in steel iron, or a monastery hundreds of years old. Once you've realized you're lost and don't know how to exit the barrio, you're in the right place.

Appreciate the narrowness of the barrio, listen for a Spanish guitarist playing most likely outside of the Alcazar, and lust over the different Andaluse patios decorated in vibrant hues of blues, whites, and yellow mosaic. 

Although there are many favorite places I have in Sevilla, Santa Cruz is special in a way in which it adds that Spanish magic to the city. 

My Barrio Santa Cruz Favorites:
  • The entrance between Patio de Banderas and Calle La Juderia- Amazing view of the Giralda, especially at night 
  • Plaza de Santa Cruz- so rich in history
  • Plaza de Santa Marta: small plaza in the center of the city, yet so tucked away from the tourist scene, romantically designed and garnished with a crucifix over 400 years old, swoon!
  • Calle Juderia: for pretty picturesque scenes
  • Fundacion Amalio Garcia del Moral: a small art gallery with a hidden rooftop which has a marvelous view of Santa Cruz and the Giralda- perfect for pictures (unless the photographer decides to make the Giralda part of your head- refer to the last picture!)
Soaking it all in is so important to me when traveling and sometimes getting lost does just the job! Where's your favorite place to go and get lost? 


  1. Oh wow, looks so beautiful! Sounds like you had a great time <3 thank you for sharing this.


    1. Thank so much! I sure did, it's an amazing city :)


  2. I'm going to Sevilla in a few days and this just made me so excited! It's one of my favorite Spanish cities :D

    1. Ah so jealous! And I'm sure the weather is going to be beautiful as well :)

  3. So gorgeous. Making me more and more excited for our visit in September! <3


  4. Lovely photos. Seville has been near the top of my travel wishlist since visiting Cordoba last year. It reminds me a lot of Cordoba from your photos.

    1. Definitely similar- they both had moorish influence with super narrow and confusing streets ;) Thanks for stopping by!